measures TO PROTECT YOU against COVID-19 IN AH CACAO 

At Ah Cacao we’ve been working hard to make sure everyone con continue to enjoy our delights safely. Here are some of the measures we practice at Ah Cacao to protect your health:

All contact points (handles, tables, chairs, bars, etc.) are continuously sanitized.

All Ah Cacao spaces are entirely sanitized in accordance with health authority guidelines.

Ah Cacao stores have transparent screens above counters to avoid transmission between guests and team members.

Team members and suppliers of Ah Cacao.

  • Wash their hands frequently and always before preparing drinks and food.

  • Use personal protective equipment (face masks, etc.).

  • Wear clean uniforms and exclusively at their workplace.

  • Have their temperature taken and health monitored. 

  • Receive ongoing training in food and personal hygiene measures.

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions and we will respond shortly!